Family Obligations

Cast & Crew
In the Garage Productions

                with Laurels
The Long Island Herald reports on the film.
Newsday includes Family Obligations amongst LIIFE highlights.

Written & Directed by Kenneth R. Frank
Starring Chris Mollica, Frank Failla, and Chandler Rosenthal
Presented by In the Garage Productions

One man learns to die.  Another man learns to live.

Synopsis: In trying to settle affairs after his father’s sudden death, Peter Steele finds himself the unlikely caretaker of his long-forgotten Uncle Frank.  As Peter shuffles Frank to and from doctors, he meets neighbor Melanie, a single mother who shows him how to look for opportunities instead of excuses in the people in his life.  Through ups and downs, lighthearted moments and devastating news, Peter begins to see that relationships might just be worth the effort after all.

Production Notes: Family Obligations is In the Garage Productions’ second feature film.  The film features an original script from Kenneth R. Frank and stars Chris Mollica, the creative force behind The Mix, now available on all major streaming platforms, and is directed by Frank.  The film also  features an original soundtrack by composer/singer/songwriter Benjamin Morse.

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